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Default Why I do not kite

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It's very sad that someone should die doing a sport they love.

I took up kiting 6 years ago, and had the near death experience and gave it up and returned to windsurfing. I realised that a simple mistake could end your life, and the enjoyment of kiting was no greater than windsurfing. While windsurfing can also be dangerous, it is nothing compared to kiting, I nearly killed myself walking the kite along the beach when a gust picked me up and launched me nearly breaking my neck. That was it for me.
The main reason I do not Kite is actually because I found that its "footprint" is simply unacceptable. A Kite takes as much space as a 30 feet sailboat and makes a beach unapproachable by anybody else.

Having said that, it is amazing how many people die or are severely injured or injure others while kiting every single year (last year I counted 3 deaths in the CA). Putting death to the side the number of accidents and "close-calls" is staggering compared to windsurf. It is a sport that cultivates an "extreme-cool" look and an attitude of arrogant "dominance-over-the-elements" that sadly translates in a quite staggering blood toll.

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