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Default Remi: how to trim my board & sail

Hi Remi,

I am actually racing in the FE 160 and would like to ask you some tips to improve my results.

0) I weight about 156 lbs and my height is 175cm. Use Overdrive 11.0 2007-I with Chinoook Formula boom and Fiberspar R4800 520cm using 44cm Chinook alloy extension in the base.
I feel this works ok for me. But want more speed upwind downwind. Maybe this mast is good or not for this sail? (yes, I know a Severne mast is better but its not available in most countries of the world).

1) I am using the mast foot exactly in the middle of the mast box. But dont know when is better to put it a few cm forward or back from there.

2) about the boom height I use the boom mostly in the middle mark of the sail for boom height. When is better to have it higher or lower.

3) what about my fin?: some R13 or R19 Drake fins are very soft, order to choose the right one? the harder ones are better always? I feel many times that I have spin out when I push a lot with my back foot going upwind? this happens when I want to go more upwind as i find some other sailors with same equipment go a bit more upwind than me. Is my fin the problem? or maybe I am pushing too much?

4) any other tip about footraps position? harness lines?

thanks, its really complicated to find good info for racing in the net. If there is any link, please tell me.

Best regards,
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