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Default 105/110 liter board for control not speed?

I'm looking for a board to fit between a carve 123 and an acid 94. It is for a family of 4 with a wide range of skills. We sail in 10 to 40 knots- flat water and chop, some waves, all weather. We have 6 boards but not much in the middle range so sharing is becoming a problem. One thing we have in common is that none of us are into speed. We are really manuever and control oriented- not BAF type sailors, and we love high winds in the spring and fall storms.

I'm the heaviest at 160 pounds. My boys are 10 and 15 and thin and my wife weighs much less than me.

The carve feels big very quickly for most of us. I don't really like the style of it (except for going upwind and sailing through lulls). Maybe we should try a smaller, swept fin. I love the acid- it does everything except light gusty winds or really big wind and chop. I would like a board that handles rough water really well (so not too wide), and has inboard footstrap position in the rear for light wind wave sailing.

I would like to stay with Starboard but I'm not sure you have the type of board I'm looking for. The trend seems towards wide and fast.
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