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For B&J, True Ames Convert 11.8 inches
For weed, True Ames Surfgrass (check what the top of my head I'm not sure).

I have NEVER been anything but fabulously impressed with True Ames. Can't say that of ANY other fin maker. Period.

Starboard makes the (not-so) fatal mistake of sending a fin in the MIDDLE of the range. C'mon! That means I have to buy a regular AND a weed at the big end of the range, as well as a regular and weed fin at the small end of the range, and rarely (if ever) use the Drake that comes with the board! I will keep the expletives to myself.

Starboard, you boneheads! Most people are buying a board that - realistically - they are figuring to use at the largest sail it will hold and hoping for the small end. So do them a favor, equip the boards with the largest suitable fin appropriate to the style of intended sailing. Go one better, and give them an option of which Drake fin to choose (or let them trade). Go two better, and equip them with a big and small fin, at the top and bottom of the range for the board.

Drake makes great fins. You are equipping boards with great fins that nobody wants; how dumb is that? Send your boards with a big and small fin, charge a little more, and things will work a lot better.

My 2c.

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