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Good points GEM. Some system of trading fins would be the best thing, but in I think it would be very hard to such a system working well with all importers and local shops. And if you buy from a well stocked shop that cary the Drake fins, I think it would not be to hard to arrange an exchange "locally".

And I think that if we supplied and "extreme" fin with the board, the people that just want it to work "out f the box" would complain. We used to ship EVOs with what was effectively very small fins. People complained. If we would ship the it with big fins, I bet people (and mag test) would start complaining about stiffer turns etc. Two fins would be easier to spec but guess what, when we used to supply Kombats with two fins, people complained that the small one was to small and the big one to big and that you in fact did not get a fin that worked well in the important mid range. Go figure... you can't please them all.

BTW, the Drake Crossover fin supplied with mid range Kombats is designed by Curtis and I think it closely resemblance on of the Gsport crossover fins.

JM: I also prefer a wave fin for waves. But the crossover fins actually work great for B&J style sailing with inboard strap.
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