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I have that board in Technora (so it's heavier) and find no problem getting up to plane whatsoever. I find it pretty good actually. I use 2006 neilPryde's V6 on it, 6.5 and 7.5, and it's perfect. I wish I had RS racing sails but these are way too expensive for me. Plus the V6 are powerfull , light and very manouverable. My mastfoot is on the middle for the 7.5 and a bit more on the back for the 6.5. My straps are outside and all the way in the back inserts.
A great easy and superfast board. My fin is a Select SL7 in 35cm. The stock fin is too big and not as fast as my Select for sure.
This is a board that demands a good quality slalom fin to get the most out of it, it can really be superfast with the right fin on it ( I have put a Ferrari sticker on the nose of my board ).
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