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Smile Does this combo make sense?

Hi Roger and all,

So I'm getting more people into windsurfing ;-).
My buddy can't wait to get his own gear, but there are 2 problems:

1. I haven't seen him sailing (but I think he's an ambitious beginner and sailed on boats a lot) and I'm not sure what board I should recommend to him, however we can't really wait too long, because:

2. There is way less used gear available over here than during Winter (when I got my sweet Care 111, still haven't tried it, actually I wasn't out this year yet).

Anyhow, I found a used 2005 Carve 145 in decent condition and good price, but I see 2 problems with it:
- isn't it going to be to large for the 75kgs guy? (it shouldn't be a problem to sell it later on though and get a smaller board)
- it's wood version...

The sail I found is 7.0 Gaastra Matrix (freeride, 6 battens, had 7.5 and it was a fine sail).
Since he's going to sail mostly in 3-4 bft lake conditions I'm thinking whether this sail is not too small...

Kind of difficult situation, but perhaps you can advise something.


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