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mark h
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Did the guy/girl who took the pics go over & chat to Michah & Ricardo? if not, they should have as there there both regular guys. Ricardo is young & V keen so things could change over night with him, but, being a wave head at heart & with Jason Palakow on hand??!! But slalom 63 is the next big thing so who knows???!!!.

Micah is pretty loyal, & would guess that a change after just two years-ish would be a bit soon for him. But again, things can change over night. Micah is a true proffesional athlet, trains like an olimpian & wonts that No1 slalom spot. If he feels SB's boards will give him that edge (like it has for Antion) then dont be suprised if we see a last minute signing.

Not rumours, just speculation & not facts.

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