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Hi Marek,
The Carve 145 would be a good board for your friend if he already has the basic skills (normally learned on a bigger board with a centerboard).
If not, it's still possible to learn on a large shortboard like the Carve 145, but it makes staying upwind really difficult at first, and always getting downwinded can be so frustrating that people have given up.
A 145 liter board is not too large for a 75 Kg. sailor with limited skills. Actually a larger more stable board is normally better in this circumstance.
A 7.0 m2 rig should be ok for 3-4 Bft (7-16 knots) for an advancing beginner.
Again, it would be good to know what his skill level really is, as a 7.0 m2 rig in 12 + knots could be a bit intimidating to a real beginner. Something about 5.0-5.5 m2 would seem better to start out on.
When he can plane with the 7.0 m2 in 14 knots and up, then he can look for a larger sail for the < 14 knot windspeeds.
Sounds like a reasonable combination of board and rig, but the big "unknown" is your friends skill level.
Hope this helps,
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