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Hi Chris,

who cares about trolls, I have heard they tend to explode when getting in contact with water :-), ask Andy from APM, he knows the whole story.

@ All

We have tried the Code Red 2008 in 11.0 (F161 and F162) and 7.7 (ISonic 122) yesterday, 7 - 15 knots in flat water. Both are incredible with a deep bottom shape and a nice loose leech. The rigging ist perfecly easy. It is necessary to play with the spacers to get the right preasure for a perfect rotation.

On the water, they feel light and even stable in the hand, just Severne Sails.
They both help the boards to get planing early and easy and they accelerate fast to a good speed. The downwindperformance of the 11.0 seems to be very good.

We rigged the 11.0 with the recommendet 550 (34) and even on the older 530 (34) with the tip extension from 2007 (Many thanks to Peter for the help). The bottom shape is deep and the same on both masts but with the tip extension there is more loose leech. We had no chance to test against each other (only one sail) but we will go on and report later.

So with the Code Red 2008 you can expect a realy early planing and powerfull Sail. Light in the hand, easy to rigg and build in an very good workmanship.

Best regards from still cold Germany


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