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Hey thanks Roger for your prompt reply - we can always count on you here.

I like this board, too and the price is good; I remember my Ftype 148 was very ok in terms of stability as my first board (although I won't recommend this board to anybody as the first board, but then maybe I wouldn't find this forum if I had an easier board ), so it's true he should have no problems on a 145 Care.
Going upwind...well everybody has to learn the geometry of the triangle very well if the want to windsurf .

If he's doing quick progress he can get another sail like 9.0 that should work nicely with 145 Carve me thinks - ?.

What bothers me a little is that this is wood version. It already has a half of the palm sized spot that is a little darker than the rest of the deck - should it be addressed somehow or we can just leave it like this?
There are no dings on the deck, but how to take care of them at home if they happen?

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