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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post

Hello Guys,

Would a iSonic 133 with a 10m sail plane as early as a Formula (with equivalent sail) in 8-10knot winds for a 75kg intermediate windsurfer?

I guess what I want to know is whether getting a 133 is enough if the idea is to plane in this sort of wind conditions.



I use Formula gear (161) and (2007) iS133 for light wind slalom; my weight is 80 kg and good skills.

To be realistic, decent performaces for a Formula board (with 11 mt. sail) start from "solid" 10 knots while, for 2007 iS133, they start from "solid" 12-13 knots (with 9 mt. sail).

Note: both boards are used with full cammed sails; this factor limits a little planning threshold compared to a free race sail (with less cambers).

Anyway, under these wind limits (10 knots for Formula and 12-13 knots for slalom gear), I think windsurfing becomes really exhausting (due pumping) and loses a lot in terms of power perception and speed sensation.

So gap between these boards should be of "only" 2-3 knots (depending on sails type, windsurfing style and skills) but, as Ken said, ...with iS133 you will never point as high or run as deep as the Formula.

Even if they could be consider as similar boards (due overlapping wind range), they presuppose two quite different ways of making windsufing.


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