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Default Should I give up the Go180 and buy something new ?

Hello, I am new to the forum and looking for your advice,

I live in Romania and in the summer go to Constanta or Mamaia - Black Sea where I can windsurf on the sea - salty water but not as salty like Mediteranean, or on the lagoon-lake nearby - fresh water.

The conditions in the summer are generaly:

on the Black Sea:
- 10-20kts sidewind or from sea to land,
- waves from 0.5m @10kts to 1.5m-2m @20kts

on the SudGhiol Lake:
- 5-20kts mainly from nautic base to the lake but lower near shore at the base
- none to max 0.6m waves

I weight 87KG, and own a Starboard Go 180L (~255cm/100cm@13KG) with 60cm fin, an ancient Bic Calypso longboard ~320m/65m@20KG with 25cm fin and 60cm daggerbolt.
The have a 7mp Severne no cam sail with C60% mast and an ancient 5.5mp Art non-transparent, 0%carbon mast but with 5cams.

I can lightwind windsurf pretty well, jibe, tack, use harness, use footstraps in front positions but can't plane unless the wind is 18-20kts on sea and use the GO180 and 7.0 sail, but because of the big waves, board size and nose design it's almost impossible to control, the planning consists of several chaotic jumps until I give up planning or I fall.

On the lake there is not enough wind or I don't have enough technique to plan, I can go further into the lake to try but when I come back there is little wind and it takes decades to return upwind non-planning.

Thus, I use 90% the ancient Bic Calypso which does OK in lightwind and on sea/medium waves (even planes in 20kts), while the GO sleeps in the tent.

I'd spend about 600euro(~900$) budget to upgrade something:

- Buy a 9mp-10mp sail and go with GO180 on the lake?
- Buy an 130-145L board like starboard carve 2007 and go on the sea?

*It's not like I can't plan at all, I went to Rhode Island last summer and planned with ease with a JP X-cite 145L 6mp to 7.5mp sail in 16-22kts.
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