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Thanks for the advice. I can't wait to get on the water and try it some more. A few things. The board is really narrow and long. It also floats really good; you couldn't sink it if you tried. Getting the sail up isn't to much of a problem. I am athletic (played high school hockey). What happens is I get the mast up and then I can't start sailing. Also, where should I have the mast set in the track? I usually just put it in the middle. One time when I did get sailing pretty good, it seemed like the nose of the board came out of the water a little bit. That made things way better, becuase a lot of the times, the board is pushing so much water if I do manage to make some headway. I understand how windsurfers work with the wind (steering, sailing, etc.) But I can't seem to find the correct way to sail it to make it work. Thanks for all the help. It is much appreciated.
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