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Originally Posted by LK View Post
Sorry to ask more. Whats your quiver now ?
What board do you want to use the CR/OD on and next sizes/sail type or board down, do you have or want to have. Do you want to race or freeride ?


thanks LK,

I plan to use it on a formula (which I own) or iSonic 133(which i may buy to replace the formula). No racing, just want to have fun blasting around!

Its probably going to be part of a 2 sail quiver; Maybe a 10m and a 8.5m if i decide to purchase an iSonic 133 or just the 10m on a formula if i decide to stick with formula.

I guess what i need to know is how much more early planning (relative) a 10m OD will give me over a 10m CR. And lets say a the wind picks up to 13knots and above, would a 10m CR be alot easier to handle compared to a 10m OD?

early planning at lower wind speeds vs handling when it picks up to the mid teens!
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