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Hi Marc,

My FE trim :

Boom : Eyes height
Mast : Blue Line 540 with 15 cm tip extension, never try other compagny mast.
Boom : Nautix Jumbo with a special modification, I make a hole in the sail and put a rope between the two arm to make it really stiff. Conclusion better control, more speed and better durability.
Fins : I used the R19 under 12 knots and over the R13 (their is only one stifness for both)
Footstraps : All in the back and outside over 12 knots, under I put the front footstraps inside
Harness line : Long adjustable one, so I can trim my self easily.
Mast base : Middle is the max, I used it more in the back.

Weight : 82 kgs
Height : 1,86m

Hope this help, if you have other questions, it will be welcome.

All the best
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