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Default What ultra-light-air board?

Hello forum users,
I'm an intermediate/advanced rider looking for the ultimate extra-lightwind machine for the sunny summer days in my beloved lake.. :-)
My current lightwind setup is a 2002 SB GO 170 w/ 8.7 Point 7 AC-0 sail, 490 C100% Point 7 mast and full carbon TecnoLimits XTR boom. I'm getting also a bigger (9.7) no cam rig.
I'd really like to squeeze the most out of those very light days, as they occur very often during our summer.. I like drag racing with other surf club members.
I'm 177 cm x 68 kg. and the board will be used in winds ranging between 6 and 12 knots. Speed is not an issue, I essentially want to spend the most of my time on water planing rather than slogging.
Should I go for the Apollo or the F 162 would be a better overall choice?
Any suggestion would be very appreciated.
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