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To my question:

I used to own a Xantos F2 295 (127 liters). It was old, and a year ago I bought a brand new SType 115 hoping to progress on my skills.

On the Xantos I planed early, was able to complete 100% of my tacks, and completed most of my gybes. I am however very frustrated with the s115 board. It is very slow to plane, and I don't feel the control I was promised by the sales person. Quite the contrary, I dont feel balanced on the board ever. I feel I am always fighting the board, and I am not enjoying my windsurfing.

I am 5'7", and use 7.2, 6.0, 5.5, and 5.0 sails. I sail on the sea usualy 16 to 20 knots with up to 1 m waves at 10 to 15 secs between crests, or on a large lake with 18 to 22 knots with wind waves.

The guy that set up the kit at the shop that sold me the board installed both from and back footstraps in the most forward and inside position. The back footstraps are next to each other making it difficult wiggle the toes to pull back on the back foot to go downwind.

What is the right position for the footstraps? Any other tips?
You have to get used to a short board! Your old one 295 planes earlier because its longer (might sound weird), feels more balanced because its longer (might sound even weirder). The volumne distgribution is competely different == you have to get used to it.

The ST115 is not a dedicated wave board but you can have one hell of a time in the waves with it none the less, especially bouncing around.

I have my footstraps out and back (freeride/race).

16-20kts sounds perfect, depends a bit on your weight (me 80-90kg depending on the season).
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