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If sailing mostly in 8-10 knots, I think you should keep the formula board. ( but OK I weight 95 kg, so the lightweights’ know better )
Regarding CR vs. OD it’s hard to say, it depends on pumping technique and wind quality.
A guess, min. 1 knot (2 knots when passive rider) earlier planning for OD and the same in favour for CR in high wind.
Experience from a pro rider is, OD 10,0 planes as early as 11,0 CR.
OD has easier handling on the water and a bit softer. This is in favour for a lightweight rider.
The CR excels when going super fast and maxed out through chop.
On flat water or more regular wavy conditions I don’t think you can feel any differences.
You would have changed a size down long before. So in 13 knots you won’t feel a diff., in 16 to 20 knots yes.

10,0 and 8,5 is perfect quiver for lightweight on Formula, but on IS133 or maybe Futura 144  too.
If you choose CR, go for 2008. Take the Redline Mast (100% carbon) no matter if OD or CR.

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