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Hi Alchemist,
You need to go back to your dealer and have them order you a mast base/universal joint.
The base you need has a fairly "special" pin that inserts into the large hole in the mast track "car".
Starboard has them, at the distributor level, I'm reasonably sure.
If you have a lot of difficulty finding the correct pin base/universal joint, let me know.
I may be able to find a way to get you the correct part.
A regular Chinook Pin does not work. An F2 pin does not work. A BIC pin does not work. A Mistral pin does not work.
Some Exocet Kona pins sort of work.
Sorry I don't have better news, but you need the correct pin base to connect your mast base extension (on the bottom of your mast) to the Phantom.
Hope this helps,

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