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Originally Posted by Per View Post
Thanks a lot..
I'm 97 kgs so it's a very compareable observation.
How about the 126 in high winds with a 5.5 sail? Will it work? Is the 126 mostly a freerace board or can you throw it around with the straps on the inside for bump and jump sailing?

Hi Per,
The smallest sail I have is 5.9 excess and don't like using the s-type with it as the board is too big in high winds,would suggest keeping the 115 for that.
However I do use a 7.5 ms2 up to about 22knots then drop down to a 6.5 ms2 up to about 26 knots but is more a case of hanging on and hope for the best.
You can use it for bump and jump with the straps on the inside however I only use it for blasting but thoroughly enjoy it as the s-type really enjoys being powered up
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