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Hi Brian,
Yes, if it's for a Starboard product, let us know and we may be able to come up with the screws you need.
"PT" stands for Plastics Technology and was patented by one of the aircraft hardware manufacturers.
I have never found a good source for them, but one of the specialty fastener supply houses may be able to get you something close.
The PT screws that come with nearly all boards are kinda special, so they really need to be replaced with similar screws.
What happened to your existing screws?
Stripped out heads......?
Broken off.....?
If you've stripped out the heads, that's entirely due to using the incorrect size/type
Phillips screwdriver.
Pick up a couple of the good ones next time you are in Bonaire.
Caribbean Fastners has the Swiss made Fabrory Phillips #3 screwdrivers and they are the best I've ever found commercially.
The new 2008 Starboard "Tiki Tool II" seems to be pretty good as well.
Correct size ans geometry and they finally put the hardened and correctly coated/finsihed tips on them.
Hope this helps,
Sorry for the "correct tool" lecture, but that's what kills about 95% of windsurfing footstrap screws because the Stainless Steel (SS) they are made out of is quite
soft, and if you don't get full engagement of the tool in the drive recess of the screw,
the drive recess deforms and you get stripped screws very easily.
It always amazes me that the majority of FS screws get the recess damaged the first time the footstraps are installed.
A little soap on the screw (and in the plastic insert in the board) makes them go in much more easily and they can be tightened much more snugly after a session or 2.
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