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Roger, erik,

I posted this once before, but I guess erik didn't buy my answer.

From my personal experience and in general terms, I find the following to be true on my formula, iS 111 and bump and jump boards:

At 90 degrees to the wind - beam reach - I have about 70% weight on back foot and 30% or less on the front. All of Rogers comments influence the distribution.

At 110 degrees off the wind - full reach - I have about 50 / 50 weight distribution on my feet.

At 70 to 80 degrees off the wind - pointing - I have 100% on the back foot, riding the fin, railing the board a bit to point higher.

I think anytime you are pointing a bit, the front foot becomes weightless. In stronger winds, there is a lot of pressure on the back foot. In lighter winds, the back foot and the mast base / booms take most of the weight. A more vertical stance and hanging in the harness helps rail the board a bit, allowing better pointing with very little weight on the front foot.
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