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I've been rigging NP V8's for several years with my latest one a '05 10.6. All with the mast over camber rigging technique with out any issues. Wasn't too happy with the construction quality on that one so decided to make a switch. Was looking between the GTX and North Ram F8. Due to availability, went with the GTX. I think North is promoting rigging the Ram through the cambers as well.

Granted it was my first time rigging the GTX as well as the first time out this season, I was a little anxious to hit the water. Maybe the next time I'll have the magic touch and rig it a little faster.

I have a can of the McLube and will give that a try next time. Hopefully it gets easier.

The thing that really stunk was de-rigging after a tiring session. It was just as hard getting the mast out of the sail as getting it in.
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