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Well carbon or not isn't really interesting. To make a stiff, light and strong construction in any composite material it's a matter of the whole construction and the mix of the different lay ups (and the professionality of the guy who does the job). A 100% carbon board would be very stiff, quite strong and VERY fragile (and $$$$$). The mixture of different fibres (and there are lots of other good ones than carbon) will always be a compromise and no single construction is the best on all points.
"Carbon" is also a way of branding some boards. Do you actually know if they use 50% or 5% carbon when they call it "carbon construction"? Do you know where and how they made the lay up?
The most weird way of making a board (looking) light is the way t.ex. Fanatic and F2 do where they kind of sand the paint off the board leaving it with black patches to give it a light weight look.
It's pure branding. Anybody can make a very thin paint covering the whole board and still weighing nothing.
I've had lots of wood boards. The only ones that suffered a little were the formulas. They are very light in the lay up and quite fragile. My carves and S-type were all nice and strong after several seasons of hard work. I agree though that repairing a wood board is a shitty job. Starboard should leave the nose of their boards coloured as it's always here the worst damages happen.
But yes, wood looks good too, and it matters.


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