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Default Carbon composite

Originally Posted by Per View Post
Well carbon or not isn't really interesting. To make a stiff, light and strong construction in any composite material it's a matter of the whole construction and the mix of the different lay ups (and the professionality of the guy who does the job). A 100% carbon board would be very stiff, quite strong and VERY fragile (and $$$$$). The mixture of different fibres (and there are lots of other good ones than carbon) will always be a compromise and no single construction is the best on all points.
Per, a carbon composite board is very hard to beat. Being used in a composite you can tune stiffness, reflex and strength at will and make a board that is not fragle at all and will probably outlast any other construction.

However, durability is quite a moot issue: most boards last years (I have a full carbon Rogue Wave that is exactly ten years old) and reality is that most of the times you get tired of the board before it ends its life.

The main reason we see less carbon on sailboards is simply because it is very expensive. But "carbon" (and you can do a wood/carbon if you want) will beat any other fiber for overall layup.

PS I put "carbon" in quotes just because there are a big bunch of types out there.

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