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It is time to buy a new board. I have been windsurfing now for 6 months on an old longboard (70cm wide) and have got the basics.

I can - Plane although not consistantly
- Hook into a harness while planing

I can't - Water start
- Gybe
- get into any footstraps

I am 40yrs+ 90kgs and sail in a bay on flat water (although choppy) and I want my new board for typically 15 - 25 knts. Higher than 25 knts and I can't see myself going out (scary and physically demanding at the moment). I am not selling the longboard and can use it in sub 15knts when the kids have a good time on it as well.

At this stage I don't want any speed thrills or tricks I only want to get into the footstraps, plane consistantly and make all this as easy as possible.

I am seriously looking at a Futura 145. I have compared it with other makes of this size and it is generally a bit shorter and a bit wider (particularly at the tail) than other makes. I have checked the website for comments but all manufacturers websites say there boards are easier to use and quicker to plane !!

My questions are;
Am I looking at the right Starboard board? Should I go larger volume? I have been on another 145 litre board in light conditions but could uphaul it OK.

If so, how and why will the different dimensions of the Futura perform differently compared to the other boards I have looked at.

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