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Hi Andy,
What a lucky guy!
Wolfgang Lessacher is in Germany, and you are close and the transaction
will probably be in euros.
I think what you need is Wolfgang Lessacher's Duo Weed in a 32 and 36.
The 32 will work in the IS 122 with your 8.5 m2 rig....( I used that configuration
extensively when in Bonaire last year and was about the first one to plane in the
very shallow (no fins deepr than 32 cm) Lac Bay waters.
Since you are dealing with weeds rather than shallow water, I'd suggest the 36 cm as
a good early planing alternative on your IS 122.
I used the 32 cm on the IS 101 as well, so if you can only get one, get the 32 cm.
Here's a link:
Wolfgang likes the 28 cm for a 7.5, but I've found it to be a little small to really get the
IS 101 going early.
Maybe better to get the 28 cm for the IS 101 and the 32 cm for the IS 122, and add a
36 cm later if you feel you need it.
Here's another link to Lessacher Design:
Also, you might want to check out the Tangent Dynamics Reapers.
I use them alot when the weeds are light, and for shallow waters here in Cape Hatteras.
Here's a link to Sailworld, but I'm not sure they ship them to Europe.
Hope this helps,
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