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Thanks Roger,

The local Starboard shop encouraged me more towards the Futura 144 because "it was simply a better board and I would go alot further on it". I feel that may have been because he had one in stock to sell me. This is one of the reasons for this query. I believe the Go may have footstrap positions that would be easier to get into.

I am currently experiencing a few catapults on the long board as I am not in the footstraps and this is usually how it finishes once I get planing. It was fun at first but now is getting tiresome having to get back on and uphaul. I have already had to repair the nose of the board after a big catapult in 20knts. I have now developed a technique were I hang on mid catapult and end up right around the front of the board in the water rather than hitting the gear. Some advice from another sailor has helped. He advised to put the boom a bit higher, bend my knees more getting more downward pressure through the harness. This has helped, particularly when bearing off the wind a bit which was when cataplts were happening.

If you feel the larger volume will help or be easier to achieve my goals, I am more inclined to go that way as the resale market where I am is very good and it won't cost me much to change later if I advance that far. However, will the larger volume board be more difficult to sail in 20-25 knts

When comparing with other boards I believe that the wider starboard board tail should offer more stability when planing which I would interpret as easier. I don't know if it would make it quicker to get on the plane.

Thank for the advice so far.

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