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Hi Roger,

Firstly thanks for your time answering these queries.

I am currently on one of the early Kona longboards with a 6.3m North Sails wave sail. The sail is something I bought secondhand and I don't think it is a specific longboard sail.

The conditions I sail in vary as I have to take what I can get on the weekend around other family commitments. Predominately it is between 13knts to 18knts, occasionally up to 25 knts. Perhaps I need to concentrate on this wind bracket and sit out anything over 20knts untill I improve.

I can understand your comments about the Go being tougher and further research indicates that the Go boards are also $500- $600 cheaper than the Futura boards. Nothing would pain me more than a new Futura that needs to be repaired after an "over the front" experience like one of my previous.

Thanks for the advice about the relationship between fins and width. I didn't know this so I have learnt something today.

I actually have a set of adjustable harness lines but find them difficult to adjust so just leave them on their longest setting. Notwithstanding I think I just need more time on the water and perhaps to expand the range of equipment I have. I am gradually building on this so as not to break the budget to quickly. I understand the concept of sheeting out as I have sailed before. I am however still trying to come to grips with feet and rig position.

Thanks again
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