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thanks Rog, just what i wanted to hear. I'll give it a shot with the 48 before i invest in a 52-54 fin cuz i already had to invest in the 520 mast for the sail and since i'm on a tight budget i'd rather not buy any unnecesseties. I'll just wait for the people on the dutch forum to start selling their freeride fins and wait for the right opportunity.
My mate told me the VMG is real powerfull and seeing it fully unrolled and feeling the cambers it should offer me the ride i want in 10 knots. One last question, it's a 2000 sail so it still has a 'sheer tip' but my made ruined the batten so i was wondering if i can fly without it? Seeing as none of the modern sails have it i suppose it's possible. I do have some old battens from the good ole days when you could fully remove the battens and fold your sail, you think those could do the trick?
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