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Ok, just had my second attempt rigging my 8.5 GTX. Went much smoother this time. Just have to take your time inserting the mast through the cambers and pulling down the luff at the cambers starting with the highest one then moving to the lower ones. Maui Sails has a rigging video of their MS-2 that requires inserting the mast through the cambers just like the GTX.

Now, de-rigging was still just as painfull getting the mast out of the luff. Ounce out, I noticed some really nice and vertical scratches on my brand new Fiberspar 7000 mast. At this rate, I'll need a new mast by season end. Sliding the mast through the cambers puts too much stress on the mast.

Are there any recommendations to help prevent mast wear -n- tear during rigging?
It seams the carbon material is softer on the lower section of the mast (gray in color) then the upper section (black in color).
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