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...been to Maui several times not recently, but people told me lot's of kitesurfers go now.
Since you brought it up, it's a shame about Maui. Officially there is no kiteboarding allowed in any of the areas where you would be windsurfing. You can refer to the agreement between the FAA and the Maui Kiteboarding Association here:


However, kiters with an attitude routinely disregard the agreement and show up at other areas where they make a nuisance of themselves, including Lowers Kanaha, Uppers Kanaha, Camp One, Spreckelsville, and elsewhere - all of these restricted areas according to the agreement and the maps.

Yet, there is hope. Word is that the FAA intends to rescind the agreement entirely when it comes up for review next year. This means that kiting will be banned completely and Maui will be a kite-free zone. A letter-writing campaign is under way to support the FAA's decision.

The MKA has demonstrated that it has no control over the kiting community, and that its self-policing is entirely ineffective; therefore it will have no basis to protest the ban.

This probably will not happen before your coming vacation, but maybe the next time, you might just be able to enjoy Maui again.
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