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Default Footstrap problem

Hello Roger!

Haven't used the forum in a while, but have a quick question. I am still sailing the hypersonic, and love it, but am starting to see a problem with it. Got my first session in yesterday with a 5.8 Ezzy SE WAVE and the hyper in VERY marginal conditions (I was going to do some freestyle practice). I found that in the gusts, I could manage to pump onto the plane with a lot of effort, but I was so inefficient due to my straps. It would take me 1-2 seconds to literally dig my feet into the straps (its still rather cold water here so booties are a must). The strap screws on the front footstap on the starboard side seem to be loose. I tightened them but the footstrap still slips around. Any way to fix this? I cannot seem to see whats wrong with the setup.

How is Hatteras? I hear you met the talented Scott MacDonald! I will be down their next year since college students get off school in April! Have a few questions about allergies and Hatteras, but that can wait for another time.

Thanks for your always outstanding help,

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