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You could try El Tur (Egypt) where there are very few people on the water at any time and only the occasional kiter who will almost always be well out of the way. Dahab (Egypt) is crowded with windsurfers and the odd kiter but I have never had a problem with them. Usually it is just beginners in the lagoon where you would not be windsurfing.
Cabo Verde is also a good destination. The Kiters usualy launch at the other side of the island to windsurfers.

Can we not all play together? I often sail Hayling island (UK) where we all get along well. The kiters tend to sail in the shallow water of the sand bar and where we mix most tend to get along well.

My experience is that Kiters jump unpredictably, fly upwind of you and you have to pass under their lines, and I have been hit by a kite once and had many near misses, I don't know what more evidence I need to know they are unsafe??? I value my life and health too much to risk windsurfing near them, can't trust them.
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