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Hi Thomas,
I was wondering why you didn't come down here with Scott?
As far as your footstrap problem, take the screws out and check the anti twist devices (the little black plastic plates with a round tang on one side and a bunch of little "spikes" on the other side.
Also check to see that you have the correct "oval toothed washer" on top of the footstrap under the screw.
It could be that your anti-twist devices have been damaged (by looser than normal FS screw tightening) and they need to be replaced.
Also check that the area where the little "spikes" engage on the bottom side of your footstraps is not all torn up so the spikes can no longer hold the angle of the footstrap.
If the oval toothed washers are "buckled down" in the center, you might add a thin SS washer (like you use on the fin screws) over the toothed washer to get it to engage in the footstrap a little better.
I'll look for you next spring!
Hope this helps,
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