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I didn't say that... but if you do... only believe me, I wouldn't have commented if the choice was, say, between North Sails Warp and Gaastra Vapor; even if, as you say, I have strong preferences. Point is that, to my eyes at least, Neil Pryde looses any credibility by giving a 6 months warranty on race masts (in EC 24 months is the law), and Severne by spraying the film. Meaning NP can't solve their technical issues and Severne tries to appeal buyers with means other than performances.

Anyhow: it doesn't seem to me that TR-4 sails are that much heavier than competitors to make any difference. Fact is, usually TR-4 are rigged on heavish Maui Sails booms that add some to rig weight. Recently I rigged a 7.0 TR-3 on an old Fiberspar 180-226 carbon boom and it felt featherweight; but since when I am using the Maui Sails boom, I am addicted to it and easily swap some weight saving for the hyper stiffness and sturdy build.
From a more technical point of view, 9 battens are heavy indeed, but this way you can have stability beyond reproach AND a soft feeling, easy to use sail. Other makes as an instance seeks stability using extreme mast bends, with obvious consequences... again, it's a matter of preferences...

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