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I've had lot of doubts this winter before choosing the sails for the new season.I've talked a lot with GEO about it.I came from NP and North experience.During that period I've had some chance to test tr-4's.Plus I've competed in a national slalom comp where many of my beliefs have been resetted.But,if I have to report what I've seen,Severne was second in a strong fleet (where Point 7 won).
Does it mean they're fast or slow??
In my opinion,as GEO says,there's not a noticieable fastest sail and there's no way to really achieve that point.In a comp there are so many variables that influence your speed that you really can't say what's best.And if you look at a "freeride" sailing MS has shown how fast they really could be (50+ !).
I didn't liked so much MS (just because my background is far way different) but I coudn't ever say they're slow.
As always it's a matter of preference,confidence in what you sail and how much you're willed to right trim the stuff.
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