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Hi prpa,
Did you mount the new straps on your Futura in the outermost holes (the farthest to the front in the front and the farthest to the rear in the back?
I'd suggest opening up the velcro cove on the strap, and then pull the little velcro'd
adjustment strap fully forward and make sure that it is not caught or hung up under the
small metal wire "bail" that should be at the front of each footstrap.
If you pull the strap looser and tighter a few times, it will "free up" the different layers and should allow you to adjust the straps normally.
Also, a few sessions and a few adjustments will have the straps adjusting a bit more normally.
I know it sounds wrong, but sometimes pulling the strap in the "tighter" direction gets the various layers of velcro'd nylon strap and the cover sliding alot more easily.
I'll forward your comment to Staboard HQ.
Did you have any problem getting the FS screws (6mm x 28 mm PT Screws) to start in your board on the initial installation of the straps?
Hope this helps,
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