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As a long-time Starboard user, I find that the current footstraps are appalling. Without exception, everyone using the new Futuras and iSonics at my local sailing spot are complaining about how difficult it is to adjust them to make them big enough, and when and if they do succeed, how they shrink back to their original size when the board is not in use. Even the dealer agrees, saying "the current Starboard footstraps are crap".

The problem is caused by the thick neoprene padding attached to the inside of the bottom of the footstrap cover. This padding does not stretch readily and so prevents the cover from lengthening to the desired size. If, instead, this padding were attached to the underside of the lower velcro'd strap, then the footstrap cover would stretch to the required size without restriction, and moreover would not shrink back to its original size when not in use.

My solution is to use DaKine Contour footstraps, but why should I have to spend another 60 to replace the standard straps, just to make my new board useable? Other owners are fitting other board manufacturer's straps.

In my and many other's opinion Starboard should address this problem without delay, and supply us with straps that are fit for their purpose.

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