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I'm one of the sailors afblaster refers to, I sail a Futura 133.
The only way I can use the straps is by unhooking one of the screw cover pockets off one end of the strap. This allows the strap to expand when you pull it, unfortunately it also allows them to contract very easily.

The main problem with the straps is extracting the foot, you just can't. The frustration of not being able to release the front foot half way through a gybe has caused me to curse Starboard and wish I had bought a JP.

In desperation I also wasted my money on a set of Starboard racing straps without any padding but these just gripped the rubber on my boots also making extraction of the foot very difficult.

I also wonder if the fish scale deck pads are adding to the problem. Perhaps Starboards can only be used barefoot?

I think Starboard should issue free redesigned straps to all the unhappy Starboard owners. I know of 2 people who won't be buying Futuras because of the straps. I only hope the rest of the board has been designed and made better than the straps.
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