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Default RE: Mast track position vs sail size

Hi again Dado,
Glad to hear you are getting a little better feel for your S-Type.
I found with the S-Type 115 I had last year that the inboard footstrap positions worked "OK" for choppy bump and jump conditions when I wanted the board to handle the chop so I could jump it (chop hop really) it and get more secure landings with the footstraps inboard.
But for the best speed, I used the outboard footstrap positons and put the straps on with the back screw in the back hole and the front screw in the middle hole.
This allows me to turn and twist my foot a little under the strap so I can change the balance points slightly to match the conditions.
Twisting the heel a little forward or a little back gives you a little "weight shift" that can provide that extra little bit of control you need as the condtions change out on the water.
I finally settled on outboard footstraps, in the above configuration and eventually got so I could chop hop just as well with this setup as with the FS inboard.
Try moving your footstraps outboard, and then try them in different holes to see what feels the best for your height and weight with your rigs.
Once you get the board set up for your size ans style it will be quite a bit faster than your Xantos. Might not plane a whole lot earlier, but if you bear off and use a little wave to get going, the S-Type gets going pretty early for a board that's this narrow.
Due to the narrower width, it's really a better board for powered up conditions. If the conditions were at all "marginal", I would use the F-Type 148 or Isonic 115 as both planed earlier than the S-Type.
Hope this helps,
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