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Daniel B
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Hi Ola
The spot is a common beachbrake, and conditions vary from dead offshore to sideshore and sometimes sideon ( and I am not interested in onshore sailing ). It is not a world class wavesailing spot, just a beachbrake and my needs of improve my wavesailings skills at any cost )) especially frontside. I would like to add I tried an old longboard ( it was not a racy longboard, but it had daggerboard and everyting ), with a 6.2 in side-conditions ... it was awful, the boards always trying to go upwind, and in that context I found it almost impossible to perform frontside turns, and the turns were in "slow motion style"; I think you get the point. On the other hand, I love surfing longboards, so I expected to experience more or less the same thing without the need of swimming ).
But, maybe my so bad experience has more to do with the board I used ( 15 years old at least ).
When it blows more than 12 knots, I prefer going out with a 85 lts board and 6.2 or even 5.3, pass the shorbrake and then surf. But as the wind gets lighter, it gets more complicated and to be able to uphaul is a bonus.
I hope this clarify my question !
Thanks again
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