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Hi Klint,
I think you will find that the new 2008 Starboard "Tiki Tool" screwdriver
(with the red handle) has the geometry, the materials, the heat treating,
and the coating, to withstand the rigors of footstrap and fin screw installation.
It's at least as good as the proverbial "F2 screwdriver".
I agree, the first "Tiki tools" were junk, but after about 9 years of being "urged"
to come up with a good tool, Starboard finally has one.
A question for Carl Macdonald (the original poster) here.
Did your footstrap screws break off above the deck so you could remove the
broken stub easily?
Did the drive recess strip out at all?
Did the screws break as you were installing them..... retightening them,
or while you were out sailing and the screw just broke off?
Again, for those of you installing your footstrap screw for the first time,
try rubbing the screws with a bar of soap or some beeswax or paraffin
(surfboard sex wax would be good) to lubricate them so they go in
more easily, and cut cleaner stronger threads in the plastic FS inserts.
Then snug them up after a couple of hours of sailing.
Hope this helps,
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