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Originally Posted by geo View Post
Neil Pryde looses any credibility by giving a 6 months warranty on race masts. Meaning NP can't solve their technical issues
Agree. That's one of the reasons I went away after nearly 2 decades of enjoyment.

Severne looses any credibility by spray-painting their sails and tries to appeal buyers with means other than performances.
Whats is the credibility of the black-colored AC7 or the white-colored North Warp sails ? You must be joking my dear...

Except from a slight difference in thermal dissipation kinetics between black (quicker) and white (slower; see black body physical principle), color doesn't matter to perform better in a sail.

As for surface spray-painting per se, it may matter for a fin but I strongly doubt it for a sail where air is 1000x less dense than water.

Finally, on a personal note, the difference for a lightweight between a NP RS6 10.7 and a CodeRed2 11.0 sail is pretty much obvious : just ask the lactic acid content of my sore muscles at the end of the day. Nothing to do with the color, believe me...

Cheers !


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