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Default Becoming a Professional Windsurfing Photographer

I've been windsurfing for approximately 3 years now, and Starboard has always been one of my best sources of information for the sport and also for helpful tips from the whole team involved with the forum here. As a bit of payback to the sport, and
a way to share my passion for the sport, I've started my own journey to become a successful Windsurf Photographer. I'd like to share some of my news and photos from my travels, and get some feedback on images and content so I've started keeping track of my journey via a new blog. For those folks who want something to do in between sessions or perhaps at work, check out my blog at: and let me know what you think.

I'll be posting news and photos about my windsurfing travels (Hatteras, East Coast, Canary Islands) and progress in becoming a successful professional photographer in the process.

And please don't hesitate to leave comments if you want to give me your opinion on a photo or recommendations for posts or photo shoots etc...

My thanks goes out to the Starboard team for starting me in the sport and providing both a great product and excellent advice on the forums!

Scott MacDonald
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