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Yeah, it's a little bit of "what goes around comes around". From what I have witnessed, I would suggest that the group of surfers most disdvantaged by SUPs, and whinging the loudest about them, are Mal riders. Why...

1. *Majority* of SUP riders are going to go for the same sort of waves that most Mal riders prefer - smaller, softer, slower, not bigger, faster, steeper barrels.

2. Most Mal riders under 60 are doing it 'cause they are too unfit, and too lazy to get fit, to surf a short board. Instead, they can rely on the Mal's paddle speed to make up for it.

3. Most guys doing SUP in the surf are fit, and can surf short boards well, and use their SUP when it's too small for a short board. If they are not fit and can't surf, they aren't going to be able to SUP. The exact opposite of most Mal riders.

The irony is that most Mal riders don't give a rat's about sitting wide and being wave hogs when there are short boarders in the line-up. It's about time they got some of their own medicine.
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