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Angry Hi Fly wer`nt successfull . (full stop) F2 were !

Measure of a brands success is not just "number of boards" sold.
How much did company contribute to advancement in sport ;technically and in personal development.
F2have been at forefront all the time !
Were would Dunkerbeck be ? Dave White ? Production speed record ? Missiles ?
Comet ? Bullit ? Lightning ? Hire Centres ? Canaries ? Sunset Slalom ?? Strato ?? List is endless
The sport is really going to miss F2. No brand has contributed more !!!!(Including #B and Mistral)

Hifly sold vey limited numbers of Epoxy boards and not until well after 555. Which to be fair was a Dog compared with F2 (and Saiboard`s) offerings. of time.HiFly`s best board was HiFy wave which was at best only OK.No classics in HiFly range. Sorry

Look at it another way ?
Were Hifly missed ? Noway.
Will F2 be missed ? Without doubt.
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