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Default Futura 155 or iSonic 150


I'm super excited about this year's Starboard board line up!! Here's my quick question . . .

Which board would be better for me, the Futura 155 or the iSonic 150?

I am an intermediate windsurfer. I am hoping to move closer to becoming more expert this summer, and taking my windsurfing to a much higher level. I weigh 240 pounds (109 kg). I have sailed mostly formula or formula-style boards (Bic Techno Formula and Bic Nova - 170 to 180 liters of volume).

I want to begin sailing fast with bigger sails, doing small jumps (hopefully), and work on quicker, better and smoother jibing and turning.

1. Will I still be able to uphaul either the iSonic 150 or the Futura 155 with 100% flotation/buoyancy?

2. Will I still be able to take one of these boards out in all conditions (very light winds to high winds)? I am married with 2 kids and work full time, so I go windsurfing whenever I can, regardless of the quality of the wind/weather.

3. Also, will both of these boards go upwind well, and not just beam reaching?

Thanks so much for your help! You and your brother are amazing windsurfers and I enjoy reading your columns in Windsurfing magazine!!

- Jared

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