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Hi Thomas,
Well, there could have been a number of different things that were spoiling your jibes.
Normally, speed is your best friend when pulling off a fully planing jibe, except when you
"run over" a swell and lose your speed.
Maybe head off a little more on your entry. Or somehow find a way so that you do't "hit the wall" (the chop or swell) when you are doing the sail flip or just after.
If you have lots of speed, and you oversheet too much, then run into a swell, you won't have any speed.
This happens to me a lot in the Columbia River Gorge because there are these huge mounds of water over by the mouth of the White Salmon River. From the middle of the river it looks like a good place to jibe because the water is flatter "between" the big rolling wind swells. But, if you try a wide radius jibe over there, you go up onto the face of one roller and as you are about half way around you run into the back of the big roller in front of it.
So you learn to not go that far across the river, and make shorter radius jibes on the
Washington State side of the river.
Overall, I did not find the Hypersonics to be "poor" jibing board, but you do have to adapt to them with your jibing technique.
It could be a commitment issue, but I think it also may be a timing issue.
Was this wind from it's normal direction yesterday? That can fool you, especially on
a smaller body of water like a lake or river. The wind changes directions a little and
all your reference points for "crankin'" your jibes get goofed up as they all change relaitve to the wind direction.

It's been pretty cold in your neck of the woods so maybe you ar just a little "rusty" from you winter sports.
Hope this helps,
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